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Fun fact: I have stayed (more like lived) in about 100 hotels across the United States. When i say lived, i mean i have stayed at the hotel for approximately 3-6 weeks. thats quite some time.

While some have been swanky, i.e. the ace hotel.... others have not.  yes, i once totally stayed in a trucker stop hotel in minnesota.... it wasnt as bad as it sounds, however 3 weeks in the middle of nowhere, albert lea, minnesota to be exact, i hope was my fair share of crappy hotels in this life.

which now leads me to the "hotel hunting", ever dreamy, lets all run away together, portion of this blog!  i know a good hotel when i see one and if the furnishings and decór are delicious, if it embodies great global style, and if it has some fun story to go along with the inception of it, ill share it. why not!



For starters the first 7 words on their "about me" page are.... "The Washington School House is absolutely stunning!"  and they are not lying my friends! look at the pics and you'll get why i'm swooning.

The story of this 1889 historical limestone landmark makes it even more glamorous to me.  In 1898 the building was almost burnt to ashes, however the school house survived and so did the name, the "washington school house".  In 1936 the school house was sold to veterans of foreign war and in the 50's was the hot spot for local gatherings and dances in town. Then in 1984 it was sold and turned into a simple bed and breakfast, until some genius had a different vision for the building and in December of 2011 it reopened as the beautiful school house it is today. Its barely been open for 2 years and i think its picture perfect! It's become one of the most chic, urban spots in town, with curated European antique furnishings, crystal chandeliers, some custom furniture pieces and reclaimed oak barn wood flooring throughout...

aaaaaand the best part, is that they have fully loaded ipads and ipods available to all guests. perfect for the worker on the go. can not wait to come check out this spot! 

add it to the bucket list.... check!


Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 2.31.37 AM.png

next vacation i can spare, you can find me here breathing in the blue spruce trees, lounging by the pool built into the cliffside or relaxing by a fire as i soak in a claw foot tub.

enjoy some pics of the washington school house. xo

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