0 8 . 0 5 . 1 3 // happy monday! apologies for the long radio silence and cheers to new adventures!

its been 2 months since i've last posted and i swear its for good reasons.  i've had a lot of new and exciting things happen around here.  for starters, my boyfriend kris and his (now our!) dog duke made the big move to sunny california, all the way from new yoooorrrkkkk (insert alicia keyes chorus) and we moved into a pretty fab live/work loft in the art district of downtown la.  it was stressful getting out of my old house, not to mention permanently moving in with a boy has made me realize i have waaaaaay too much stuff!  its been a process.... but we are getting there.  decorating this bad boy will probably be the most fun ever! and whats even more exciting is that my boyfriend and i have a ton of fun doing this together!  in the meantime here is some iphone photos of the space.   its super open, a ton of natural light, some white walls, some brick walls and some modern cinder block walls.  in some ways it kind of feels a bit like new york :) which has been a perfect compromise for my new york born and raised dude.

Since the beginning of June I've been working on a new show for NBC, "American Dream Builders" hosted by Nate Berkus, where I will be producing and heading up the design department.  Its all pretty exciting and based in los angeles, which is even more amazing because it doesn't require a crazy travel schedule.... where I forget what state i'm in on a daily basis!  yay for sanity and a semi (key word... semi) normal routine :) The show will focus on top interior designers and home builders, as they go head to head each week, in an intense weekly competition.   Their talents and knowledge will be put to the test every day on extreme home renovations.  America will then vote and the winner will be announced live, as the spectacular "dream home" will be given away to one lucky winner!  talk about an intense show... we're calling it a mix between extreme makeover: home edition, survivor and apprentice. Check out the official press release here.  


july was also pretty crazy... kris and i traveled to omaha, nebraska to style one of my dear friend, andys wedding.  it was a beautiful.... beautiful wedding!  and even though we stressed about the big day (me stressing with them!) for the past year, nothing was more beautiful than the ceremony!  they tied the knot in this 1900's historic barn at the Arbor Day Farms.. and it was to die for!!!  Huge post coming soon, but for now here is a sneak peak.


my dude and i have a line of products coming out, as part of our flowers and styling co. Willow + Jade and we're both pretty stoked about it!  we love working together and seeing our fun ideas become a tangible reality is so so great! yet again, another sneak peak!

photography by //  love ala

photography by // love ala

and super excited to announce, that i've recently teamed up with leaf tv to work on some awesome diy vids, revolving around succulents and yes.... some more flowers!  leaf tv is an awesome you tube channel, with great editorial style, with a main emphasis on living, eating and fashion.  we filmed a few videos at my loft last week and even though i was super nervous, erin and geri the 2 fab creators of the channel were beyond wonderful! it was a great day and i can't wait see the final product.

have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!  i promise (pinky promise) the radio silence on the blog will never hit 2 months ;/ eeek!  with time i know we'll get our groove and gosh darn it, i just have so much fun stuff to share! thanks for your patience xo