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Photo Cred //  Love Ala

Photo Cred // Love Ala

Let's face it.  Mondays suck!  A nice weekend and then back to work you go.  However, thankfully some creative genius joined forces with the right side of their brain and decided it would be a grand idea to take all of the ideas, imagery and thoughts roaming aimlessly around in their head and throw them down on paper.  As a designer I don't know what I would do without the concept of an inspiration board, mood board, collage, treatment, etc....  I don't think I would ever get anything done.  Too many thoughts, too many ideas, would never EVER come to fruition.  

For gosh sakes, lets take a moment to thank the best social inspiration boards of them all! Pinterest, Instagram + Tumblr. GOD BLESS you ALL!  

I do inspiration boards for everything in my life... for every project, for my life goals, and the best collages of all are photos of all my family and friends throughout my home. They all pump me up in such a different unique way!  

Happy Monday wherever you are!  This week is your week.  If you can't find inspiration, go out there and make your own.  It's vital :)