0 2 . 1 9 . 1 3 // I'm too sexy for my lightbulb

Don’t you just love some good ol' lighting!  For me lighting is the cherry on top of the cake…it can seriously make or break a room.  I just die over these dream boat light fixtures.  Each one tells such a different story. From the warm textured walnut, to the illuminating elegance, to the luscious gold accents…. I’m just obsessed with them! If it wasn’t weird to make out with a fixture, I think I would.  Not kidding!

Shop Dream Boat Lighting Here // 1. Emporium Home Cabochon Chandelier | 2. MCM House Bright Bead Pendant | 3. Anthropologie Magnifying Glass Sonce | 4. Etsy Lacasadecoto Cube Lamp | 5. Bec Brittian SHY 02 | 6. Rejuvenation Hood Classic Globe Chandelier | 7. MCM House Column Lamp | 8. Debenhams Ella the dog lamp by Ben de Lisi | 9. Emporium Home Coral Candance Lamp | 10. Dylan Design Co. Chunck Walnut Pendant Chandelier