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the design files!!! if you have not heard of them, i'd advise you to jump on the band wagon.  since starting up this new blog, I have realized 3 things.

1. there really are some bad a** blogs out there.... and lots of them. soooo many to the point of intimidation.  however, at the end of the day, being an artist, it is essential to pull inspiration from other artists in order to fuel your own creativity and keep it going. inspiring others seems to come natural to others, while staying inspired seem to be a bit tougher.... especially for you creative folks out there.

2. australia truly has some of the best design i've seen...everything from their restaurants, to accessories, to clothing.... i mean i love it all! their designs are clean, fresh, colorful and "now", all at the same time.

3. the design files is fab, fab, fab!!! they have been a huge model and inspiration for how i've come to model this site.  

So who they are....


"The Design Files started up in early 2008 and since then has snowballed into the site they have today.  They cover Australian design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to art, craft, graphic design and illustration.  Regular features on their site include Australian Homes every Wednesday, and Interviews with talented local creative people every Friday."

If only 'designhunterLA' would turn into the US version of them.  Kudos and props to Lucy and the entire TDF team!  Thanks for the daily dose of awesomness.

Here is a glimpse of some of my fave eye candy posted on the TDF site.

PS. these are barely scratching the surface.  You can check out more here!