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Being an interior designer the most frequent statement i hear is "i bet your home is perfect!".... and well, the most frequent reply back is "uuuhh, no. you would be surprised!" for starters, the amount I travel I am surprised i am able to keep my personal space some what in order and if my home looked anything like my traveling design studio "aka enterprise car", we'd be in huge trouble!  

its hard making your home into the space you've always imagined, a space that reflects exactly who you are.... and on top of that, being a designer I literally have 100 different styles.  especially someone like me who has their hand in every pot of the design spectrum, i absolutely adore and appreciate every form of design out there.  i'm eclectic to the max and kind of just threw everything i had into a tiny charming space.  i was born and raised in los angeles and have been living in the silverlake, ca area for just about a year and a half.  for my first little pad i really love it!

it's mixed with vintage cheap finds and super random stuff but still has the charm, youth, history and playfulness i love.... but most importantly its totally me (for right now at least :)


my sofa is an outdoor daybed with dog beds as pillows, my area rugs in the living room our from world market, my tree planter is a once fabric ottoman, my pillows were all from my childhood bed growing up (sentimental to me), my bedroom rug was bought for a whopping $5 at a garage sale, i always, always try to have fresh flowers and plants out and my backyard has become the pride and joy of the casa.  the twinkle lights were the first thing i purchased and put up when i moved in.  come night time it really takes your breath away and for me being the night owl i am, i get the most work done at night.  its pure magicalness!

all photos were taken by ala of Love ala. she truly captured me in my element and made my home look even prettier through her lens.  check out her lifestyle blog post here on our shoot!


thank you again to everyone who helped out on this shoot (aka my lil sis, my man and the best friend!) it was a ton of fun and was a day filled with lots of love, friends and creativity.... just like it should be :) love you all!  x o v e r o n i c a  

photography by  // love ala 

wardrobe // a.l.c. 

hair + makeup by // lauren manzano (love you so much!!!)

styling by // alex basch