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a few weeks ago my mom came over (more like.. came to the rescue!!!) to help me clean out my closet.  since we have moved in, i have taken over both nightstands... which are more like dressers, one walk-in closet, and every corner of our room with my clothes.  poor kris has 1 small closet for all of his things.  needless to say i was way overdue for a spring cleaning in the wardrobe department.  

3 garbage bags later, i still have a long way to go.... 

with that said, to get me (and you) in the mood to really kick some ass in the garment department, i found some  great wardrobe displays to help inspire a fresh start.  these will make you want more black and white in your life, go and buy new hangers (all in one color) and strive to ever so perfectly display your clothes on beautiful racks.... on the reg!

here are my favorite Open Closet Spaces.  start drooling, right about.... now!

0 1 : bright light in your bedroom/dressing room is always a great feature when getting dressed for the day!  everything looks so much better in brighter light.

also, having a few extra wicker baskets around the house are also a great space saver.  i have a few around my house stuffed with shoes, but using them for scarves (like below) opposed to shoved in a drawer is such a good idea!  display those pretty details in your wardrobe.


0 2 : beautiful, simple racks.  i need one of these racks asap in my life!  all clothing look great on them and color coordinating with hangers is also a must!


0 3 : standing floors mirrors are a necessity to have in any dressing space.  trust me... you'll save a lot of time by trying on outfits quicker.  it's also a beautiful touch and looks fab in any space!


0 4 : a portable display, yes please!  loooooving this rack with the wood platform and wheels! all of the racks on this post are great but this one is extra great because you can easily move it around wherever you'd like.  such a great idea!  


0 5 : laying out your outfit before it goes on your body!  Racks always help alleviate the panic that ensues while getting ready for nights out.  this is probably one of my #1 problems.  i don't take the time to try on and experiment with my outfits and pairings.  displaying clothes prior to getting dressed allows you to look forward to working with what you currently have in your wardrobe.


0 6 : sometimes less is more. i heard recently in an article, "if you wouldn't buy it today, then get rid of it!"  this is such a great motto for those struggling to toss out the old.  

this smaller ceiling mounted rack would be great in an entry way for coats and scarves.  if you're the type of person, who could never part with their large and in charge closet, a small feature like this would be a great addition/display in any space of your home.



all images via pinterest