0 1 . 0 1 . 1 4 // 2014: my new year's resolution



i hope everyone had a fabulous and safe evening last night.  we had a great night going back and forth from chelsea to williamsburg and were in bed a few hours after the ball drop.  such a good feeling!  don't get me wrong, i kind of missed raging with friends like we were teenagers, but there is something so satisfying about getting in bed at a decent hour and not spinning from too much bubbly! :) i kind of felt like an adult. ha!

i woke up this morning, eager and excited to share my resolutions, hopes and dreams for the new year!!  boy i love the feeling of a clean slate! 

my 2014 ny resolution is "to stay grounded"....   that's it.  just stay grounded.


my life has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, mainly due to the pressure and chaos of my work.  i feel like I'm always talking about work, i never stop thinking about it and honestly.... it sometimes makes me feel like i am going crazy.   i love doing this and that, and taking on every job i can get my hands on, but I've learned through the years, the aftermath of me wanting to "do it all" effects the people around me.  don't get me wrong, everyone is so supportive and extremely proud of all that I've been able to accomplish, however with that, comes pretty much no life.  i never see friends.  i never see family.  I'm sleep deprived.  eat at all crazy hours of the day.  have no energy for anything other than my computer.  the last time i got my hair done, i think was a year ago (please don't even let me get into how many grey hairs i have, lauren manzano.... get ready i am coming for you this new year!  my hair needs you!)  i don't even know what me time feels like anymore.  no kris time (other than work) and its time to change people.  

I'm one to never proclaim a resolution i can't keep, and i feel really good about this one.    these photos were from the last shoot of the year i did with love ala a few days ago (the lovely gal who does all of my photography!)  we were working on a shoot for a lighting line/colloboration i have coming out with barn light electric, and we had some time to kill. she suggested we work on some me time and take some photos of myself. i don't know what it was but everything about this moment felt perfect.  it felt like a new beginning.  a fresh start.

as we go into the new year, i challenge all of you, to stay grounded as well.  

you will be surprised how much you can accomplish in your day to day life when you have a sense of balance.  what the heck am i going to do to achieve being "grounded" in my life?  i have no clue!  i do know it will take time and i won't be putting too much pressure on myself.  maybe i will start doing yoga?  maybe i will meditate in the morning?  maybe i will take walks at night to clear my mind?  who knows!  all i know is that i will make a conscious effort every day to remind myself to stay centered.  


as i reminisce on the past 3 or so years of my life, I've learned soo much.  its crazy how much a year can change someone.

here is what i will be taking away from 2013!  you sure were good to me :)

remember to be the best version of you.  whomever that may be.  

the hustling 9-5 working gal, the stay at home mom, the college student, the one pursuing a dream.... whatever it may be, just be the best you.  i promise you'll never go wrong.


remember to keep your eyes open for new opportunities.  

there are hundreds of them staring you in the face.  be smart, be brave and take risks.  no matter how crazy it may seem, you just have to do it!  trust me.


stay inspired and collaborate.  

it's one thing to be inspired, but to stay inspired is the challenge.  I've learned that when you're following your heart, things always, always, falls into place.  even if its not the way you planned.

do whatever you have to do, to make your dreams a reality. collaboration is the biggest creative stimulator ever!!! better things come when you have more creative minds involved.  you can't and you don't have to do it alone. trust me when i say this....

it is far better working and kicking ass on a project when you have a solid team along side you.  i could not have done anything this year, if it weren't for the people i surrounded myself with.   


lIve each year like it is your damn last


and most importantly...

live simple.

this photo shoot made me want to live in black and white (of course with some splashes of color here and there) but to take living simpler a bit more seriously.  i have too much stuff.  a lot of unnecessary stuff. i know its me and part of that will never change, but there is always time for a makeover.  our loft doesn't know whats going to hit it!  technically we are still living in and out of boxes, but its time for a "black and white" design overhaul. woot! get ready kris! ha!

the thoughts of waking up every morning with a fresh living environment makes me so so happy i can barely stand it!  

less clutter, less things, less stress, less baggage, more water, more quality time, more friends, more sleep, more walking, more happy... yes please!

2014 // make it a good one!



all photos by // love ala