0 5 . 2 2 . 1 3 // pure magic in the sky: an artist collection

i love art. i love architecture and i love design that tells a story.  this collection of  "flying houses" from Laurent Chehere does exactly that.  

a french photographer who currently lives in Ménilmontant, a district of Paris, left the advertising world around 2007, to travel the globe and pull as much inspiration as he possibly could.  visiting china, columbia, boliva, and argentina, laurent reaped the most inspiration from his stay in paris. (which i have yet to go!! one day....) it was later, because of paris, that laurent created the mind blowing collection of the most whimsical, fantastical homes, tents, buildings, and even a trailer... otherwise knows as the "flying houses"! yup, my mind was blown!

laurent says this about the crazy collection // “I am interested by gypsies in caravans waiting for their eviction by the police, of immigrants from Africa in unsafe buildings, circuses on the edge of freeways surrounding Paris, dirty sex cinemas of Pigalle—and the quiet life in the suburbs....”  i mean, an artist of my own heart.

what i love most about his work, is the attention and beauty he brings to the architecture of the buildings and structures.  any of these homes on a typical day would be overlooked and quite possibly sad.  but the way he portrays them casts so much light and glamour on them.... they are able to tell their own story.

gosh, wouldn't design without telling stories be absolutely lame.