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When I was younger New York scared the living daylights out of me.  Until this day, I couldn't tell you why; but the thought of all the people, the honking taxis, the subway systems.... it all freaked me out!

As I grew older I had more and more friends tell me "gosh you are so new york!" or "you need to move to new york.  the lifestyle and the work is so you."  cough cough tony oliver! blah, blah, I never gave it much thought.  Little did I know I would fall head over heels in love with a New Yorker.  A 100% born and raised New Yorker!  Who I would one day be so in love with, that I would have to make the decision to become "bi-coastal". Whhhaaatt!

To keep it short, if you don't know me, a little over a year ago I met the most perfect person for me, in the one and only, "city that never sleeps".  He's dreamy, so so so smart (it's annoying!!!), a hard worker, caring beyond words, has the most brightest smile and pearly whites, one of the biggest supporters and loves me unconditionally it brings me to tears.  Well this wonderful fella (and I guess I could say me) have a place in Chelsea, New York.  He purchased it a few years ago and lucky for him I am taking over the decor. Ha!

The fact that we're not renting blows my mind, but what blows my mind even more is that whatever decorating or design craziness we want to do.... it's limitless, because it's all ours!  No landlords to tell you no, no having to hold back because your rent is coming up, we just get to do whatever the heck we want to do.  And that my friends is an amazing feeling!

I am traveling back to New York a few days after Christmas to spend the Holiday and bring in the New Year.  I know, it's going to feel different.  Different because technically I will not be a visitor staying in a hotel.  Nope, we will be staying in our home.  Our New York home. Gosh I love how that sounds.  Crazy what a year can do!

Of course our ultimate goal in life (when we become a baller power couple!) is to fly back and forth, every few months, but right now, a majority of our time is spent here living in Los Angeles.  Which by the way is due to the huuuuge sacrifice Kristopher has had to make for us to not be in a long-distance relationship.  Not to get all mushy gushy on you at this moment, but I will forever, ever be grateful for him.

So long story short here are some inspiration pics of what I dream our future New York home to be. Right now it is (don't kill me Kris) a typical first time home owner, New York bachelor pad with really absolutely nothing it it!   I can't wait to get my hands on it.  This process will take a very long time (a fews years or so), but I can not wait until it's all done.  I will do my best to keep you all posted along the journey.

Cheers to major design dreaming and cheers to who will win the first fight of painting the floors white! 

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