0 8 . 2 7 . 1 3 // let's drool over some architectural eye candy

maybe its because all i do is think about houses all day, but lately i've been dreaming about doing crazy things to the outside of buildings.  lets face it, houses can be sooo cookie cutter sometimes.  i wish it was the norm to do a crazy accent wall on the outside of your house, as if it were inside your home.

here are a few of my "i cant wait to do something like this when i become a home owner one day!!" dwellings. some of them are crazy but some of them, if toned down, would be pretty killer to take on in some way, shape or form;  especially in your backyard, or on your guest house or even on the outside of your restaurant.  the others are just pretty to stare at.

drool over some architectural delightfulness with me people!

white on white... yes please!  the detailing on every single one of these buildings is so beautiful in their own way.  they just make me smile :)

holy crazy designs out in the rural country! i love you!  i would completely, totally 100% own a store or run a design firm out of any of these!  not kidding.  they are bold but subtle in their own way.  very intricate patterns and very thought out. dying over here!

be still my heart you pink beauty!! for not being a girly girl, i recently noticed i reallllly do use a lot of pink when it comes to decór for events. and i love wearing pink. maybe it's because i am secretly obsessed with it or maybe because it really is just a happy color!  either way, whoever decided to paint these buildings pink, props to you!  its bold, happy and works.  pure eye candy.

is summer really over!!! if it wasn't (and if i wasn't piled up to my ears in work), i would without a doubt take a trip to these pool side beauties.... wherever they are.  i love the tone on tone grey shades coupled with the use of different materials.  stunning!  and the white trim detailing on this tropical hut! oh how i hope our paths meet in the near future.

talk about a historical european building with a story! if i ever come across this particular building i plan on admiring it for endless hours.  breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks will be had in it's presence. for real!  

located in porto, portugal they used a method called azulejo for the outside facade.  Azulejo is a form of porteguese painted tile work, frequently used on the outside of public and private buildings.  It is a staple part of portugese culture and has been used for the past 5 centuries.  Fingers crossed, i come across a show or an adventurous client who will agree to this one day :) pretty please design gods!

this building truly leaves me speechless....

and lastly, this adorably audacious statement used in the los feliz home of actors adam jones and jayma mays is so fun!  the couple worked with architect mike jacobs on their renovation and had street artist, Morley, a close friend, paint this.  A. its adorable B. youthful and exciting and C. kris and i would tooottaaalllly do this on the outside of our home! soo us!  because he is from new york, he has an undying love for street art and i just like loud stuff, so its perfect!  he already gave me the go ahead and agreed we could copy this one day.  yay!  now we just have to find the perfect casa....

and the search begins!

to see more of this awesome los feliz pad, go here! 

all images courtesy of // designhunterLA's pinterest