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When a foxy bride, sexy flowers and a playful photo session all come together in one space... you get this!  Last month we did a series of shoots with the lovely Courtney Coury and this is what ensued.  Get ready to swoon with me people!  

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1081-L.jpg

When we first got to Love Ala's naturally lit photography studio, we had one thing in mind... "lets have some fun"!  I've had this 10' 1970s inspired sofa sitting in my storage unit for- evvvaaahh and needed to put it to good use before Kris killed me :) and this seemed to be the perfect fit!  It started off as the main inspiration for all of the shoots. The moment she sat down we nearly fainted!  Maybe it's because of her playful 'anthropology like' elegance or maybe it's because she looked so naturally spectacular.... either way, we all had smiles on our faces! 

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1106-L.jpg
loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1074-L-1.jpg

The flower crown was simply made from a bundle of deep burgundy dahlias and a few sprigs of Israeli leaves.   the colors from my old rug (unfortunately not available anymore at world market) really made the rich hues from the flower crown pop.

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1083-L.jpg
loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1078-L.jpg
loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1085-L.jpg

Set dressing with items from my casa and some great pieces from mint vintage rentals, I was more than happy with the outcome! Again, it didn't hurt that our model for the day is stunning!! ... with (keep in mind) little to no makeup other than and a bold hot pink lip,  no makeup or hair stylist was needed for this shoot.

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1105-L.jpg

We kept the additional flower arrangements super duper simple with fresh succulents and a monochromatic yellow and white blend of wild flowers.

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1109-L.jpg

all in all i think it turned out pretty dreamy!  stay tuned for some more. xo

loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1108-L.jpg
loveala-lifestyle-W J-MVR-1099-L.jpg

photography by //  love ala

flowers + styling by // designhunterLA + willow & jade 

rentals // mint vintage rentals

model (hair + makeup) //  courtney coury