0 8 . 1 2 . 1 3 // design crush: cultiver rugs by mariella lenna

lately i have been looking for a new rug to go in our living room and "ta-dah!" i stumbled upon these toooo die for rugs!!  i am, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with them.  designed by Mariella lenna exclusively for the sydney, australia based company, cultiver.com.  cultiver recently launched last year, and not only carries these cozy, vibrant kilms, but also lovely table and bed linens.  i cant wait to see what they add to their site in the future.


these rugs are made from 100% wool sourced in new zealand and produced with a family enterprise in india.  the colors are both lavish and rich!   when i went to go and purchase one, it seemed like every rug was out of stock.... however they can produce them within 8-10 weeks,  which is a honestly a great resource to have, especially for projects that are not on a tight deadline.

here are some of my fave dreamy rugs that i will hopefully have in my life some day soon!



Shop cultiver kilms // www.cultiver.com