0 5 . 0 1 . 1 3 // weddings: don't you just love it when besties get married?


i sure do.  and whats even better is seeing a couple, I truly care about, get to experience the amount of love and friendship as lance and courtney coury do.  i had the honor of designing their wedding reception and if there was a definition in the dictionary under "perfect bride"... "perfect couple" to work with...lance and courtney's name would be there. 

for starters, lance is my best friends (more like sisters lil bro).  we grew up down the street from one another and i have seen him mature from a cute little kid into the bad a** he is today!  just so you all know how bad a** he is, you can check him out winning this years gold medal at the x games in brazil for "speed and style".... right here! yup, no big deal, just a gold medal and all! their such a cute lil power couple, i cant stand it :)  

here are some of my favorite instagram photos of their too cool for school lives.  just cause i know you are going to love falling in love with them // @lancecoury + @courkee

to tell you a little bit about courtney..... ooo courtney, where do i even begin with her.  well, the girls got looks for days, her laugh is contagious as all heck, she has 5 just as beautiful sisters, has an obsession with tattoos and is the nicest....i repeat, nicest person on this planet earth (next to my own mother). this chick would never hurt a fly!  she is happy all the time and loves lance and his family more than anything in this world.  growing up, if we were to pick a perfect girl for lance...it would be courtney.  we all knew that one day they would get married, and they did.


so lets talk wedding :)

l + c's wedding agenda: to have a destination wedding (hawaii to be exact!) then comeback to l.a. to have a blast of a party for all of their loved ones and friends. being young and super duper laid back, they wanted their reception to reflect this.

the hawaii wedding was a dream.  a lot of laughs, some rain, gorgeous family and friends, a dive into the ocean post wedding ceremony and courtney finding out at the reception that her little niece (my wonderful goddaughter) took scissors to her dress right before she walked down the aisle.  but in courtney fashion, she laughed and thought it was the most hysterical thing ever.  

here are some of my faves from the day //


the stud and his doll //


some more faves of the post wedding craziness.... they even got grandpa george in the ocean //

well that was awesome!  annnnd now back to california, the malibu cafe to be exact.  

this reception was so much fun.  it was magical with twinkle lights above, cozy with blankets for guests, and the open bar was going all night!  courtney had showed me her pinterest board for design inspiration and literally let me run with it from there.  i was living in new york during the majority of the planning period and never once did she get worried or anxious...again, perfect bride! (future brides, take note) when she arrived, it was a big surprise to her and lance.  the look on their faces was priceless :)  overall, it was a warm charming night filled with friends and family...they loved every minute of it.  a lot of the fun photos we have from the night were taken on good ol' instagram (see credits below) or from my lil sis kat and my design assitant ambrlee. their pretty awesome gals, you should check them out // @ambrlee + @katmarievalencia  

to speak about instagram for a sec, i die for hashtagging!  yes, it can be annoying at times but for almost every event that i am ever a part of, i always create a hashtag.  its just an easy new age way to live back the night, especially on your wedding day.

instant photo album and uncensored :) ours was #coury2012. enjoy the photos of the night!


so many quirky elements, for example our cake toppings.  remember how i said lance was bad a**, well it is soo true...i mean, he even has his own action figure.  and the adorable tatted barbie as courtney (which lances dad tatted her up btw) so cute!


last but not least, our custom photobooth backdrop was a hit!!!  


thank you to everyone who helped put this together. you are all a dream come true.

x o v e r o n i c a


hawaii wedding details //

location// Grand Wailea . wedding photographer // nateandjenna .  courtneys dress // made with love by her mom . bride + bridesmaids robes // plum pretty sugar . lances ring // made by courtneys dad 

malibu wedding reception details // 

location// the malibu cafe . designed by// designhunterLA . marquee signs + photobooth backdrop designed by// designhunterLA . custom painting on marquee sign// lances dad . floral arrangements// kelsey harper with flowergirllosangeles . furniture rental// found rentals

instagram photo cred #coury2012 //

@designhunterLA@kamarievalencia, @ambrlee, @lancecoury, @courkee, @lifeof_riley, @michawissen, @krichh, @genevieveelizabeth, @coleseely, @_jeffbarnett