0 9 . 2 4 . 1 4 // swooning over "the mrs box"!

okay, so i have a confession... i was laying in bed a few nights ago and i stumbled upon this image on instagram:


to say that my heart stopped is an under statement and i may or may not have tagged my boyfriend on the image. oops!  i honestly did not tag him to send a message of "propose to me, hint, hint, wink, wink", i tagged him on it because when that day does come, i need (repeat...) need this box!  i don't even care what color.  

the idea of having such a special heirloom in my life, makes me smile from ear to ear.  i live in a colorful world and maybe its the virgo in me but i strive to make everything around me beautiful.  i think i love the idea of these gorgeous velvet ring boxes more than the actual ring! hahaha! mrs.grey, the founder of grey likes wedding literally launched "the mrs.box" a little over an hour ago and i had to (as in - stop everything i am doing!) share it with all of you.   

i mean talk about the ultimate eye candy.  these ring boxes are made with a limited edition of the finest french velvet and come in a stunning array of "happy" colors.  the mills that the velvet come from are no longer in existence, so these are a hot commodity and only pre-orders are currently available, with arrival in mid october.  so whether its for your soon to be misses, for a friend, for one of your bridesmaid, or simply just for you - head on over and grab yourself a box a.s.a.p.!!! they are only $75 and compared to the cost of a wedding ring, pricey or not, this is a small fee.

i literally couldn't pick my favorite colors, but here are my top picks... "hint, hint, wink, wink" :)

01. The Admiral // 02. The Darlington // 03. The Pomp // 04. The Parlour // 05. The Capri // 06. The Cambridge // 07. The Gardener // 08. The Gidget // 09.

all images via // the mrs. box