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i think i'm in love.


what is better than stumbling upon a good pair of shoes.  not just a good pair of shoes but a reallllly good pair of shoes.  i have fallin head over heels for this vibrant take on a classic oxford.

Ten & co designer Tory Noll stumbled upon a quaint flea market in Marrakech.  on a whim she had a pair of oxfords made from scraps of Marrakech rugs. pure genius! talk about a flea market find! immediately her friends and strangers on the street wanted a pair.  she had a lightbulb moment, went back, had a few more made and that is simply when the magic that is ten & co was born.

over the years, as a designer i have learned 2 essential things: 1. the best designs are born on a whim and 2. all design, whether its for homes, fashion,  jewelry or whatever it may be, must tell a story! this is exactly what Ten & Co does. "wearable footwear that creates a new narrative of classic design".

each style is beautifully made from its very own rug or woven blanket.  each pair is very unique in color and texture, ranging from hot pinks to indigo, tan to black suede and of course the lovely touches of rose gold grommets.  

north african hand woven blankets and rugs never looked so good!