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well the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind... most of my life feels like that but these last 2 weeks sure have been ones for the book.  i just got back from hot hot hot africa, where i was working on one of my humanitarian design projects "go team ghana!" (stay tuned for a huge post on that!) and now working for a few weeks in the exact polar opposite.... cold, freezing cold vermont.  

i have found these past weeks, being without internet or cell reception has really given me the time i needed to re-focus and get lost in my thoughts of where exactly i want to take 'designhunterLA' and all of the other ideas i have brewing in my head. my site is brand new, barely 2 months old.... and i have to say, i am extremely happy with the outcome so far.  I am still overwhelmed daily by the emails and notes i receive.  it just gives me more of the creative adrenalin i need to do more and more! so thank you!!  


if i am going to be completely honest with you, this break has also made me realize.... i really have absolutely no game plan for this or have the slightest clue of where my career is going to end up.  and that in some weird way is exciting to me, crazy but exciting!!  soooo cheers to the unknown and cheers to getting lost.... its important!

all i know is that i am doing what i love, enjoy every single minute of the crazy thoughts and ideas i get to share with all of you, the traveling, the endless possibilities, the aftermath of projects, the feedback and so forth! thats what keeps me going.

thank you for your patience in the lack of posting and i promise....pinky promise :) there is a lot of goodness to come.


loved getting lost in vermont yesterday. there was so much beauty everywhere it was insane!! 

x o v e r o n i c a