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just checking in.

friday was our last day on NBC's American Dream Builders and I finally get to sleep in!!  

it's always the same feeling when a show ends.  You sit around and don't know what to do with yourself.... phone stops buzzing every 20 seconds, you start to eat a little bit normal, hug your dog a little bit more, cuddle with your loved one a little bit more, plan to see friends and family a little bit more, it's all quite nice.  more than anything you appreciate the quite time.  however, I, veronica valencia, have a hard time when a show wraps.  my brain unfortunately does not understand what the "off" button means.  it just sways back and forth in this weird "lingering in the middle" feeling.  thoughts, ideas, thoughts, ideas, more ideas and so forth.  it's such a vicious cycle. ha!

being in the industry is crazy.... the moment you yearn for a normal life (industry folks, you know exactly what i am talking about), bam! the television gods pop up with some sort of opportunity.

this is all wonderful and by no means am i complaining of new opportunities, especially in this day and age. but why, o why do I feel the urge to lunge at every opportunity with full body force!   I guess it's the, i want to conquer the world gal in me or maybe it's the anxious, scared i'm going to be jobless any moment, chick in me. either way i surprise myself every day. 

with that said, amazing things are on the horizon! :)  so many opportunities and cool projects (television and non t.v.) at my finger tips.  all very exciting, but I am nervous, exhausted and anxious just writing this. i keep telling myself that's completely normal.  

i think it's time for a "2014 new year's resolution reminder": stay grounded girl! just stay grounded.

with that said, i am going to sleep. sweet dreams!


i thank the dear lord every day i have kristopher.... i do not know how he does it.  he just gets me.  all of me.  



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