0 3 . 0 7 . 1 4 // weekend house: on the finnish waterside

i haven't been feeling well this week, which means a lot of pinterest, a House of Cards marathon (anyone else crazy obsessed with this show!?!), some castle re-runs (can't believe i just said that out loud) and lounging around the house.  with that said, i happened to stumble upon this beauty and my heart stopped.  did someone say vacation? well how about this green house,\ summer house combo! designed by helsinki architect villa hara and linda bergroth of hel yes!  this perfectly picturesque structure is located on the waterside of a secluded finnish island. the black exterior and all of that natural light.... i mean, i really just can't handle it! i only wish it was available to the public and I could enjoy a getaway here for a week or 2.

this has officially been added to my design bucket list. my kind of inspiration going into the weekend. i see a crisp new white bedspread and some gardening in my near future.

enjoy the weekend and take time to open up those windows and let some fresh air in!



images via // Arsi Ikäheimonen 

Thank you to ATGStores for the kind words and recognition! I am truly grateful for the "Bright Idea in Design" award. Love, love, love all of your products! xoxo