0 1 . 0 7 . 1 4 // the butcher's daughter in new york city

what was your 1st meal of 2014?  i sure do remember mine. :)

if you don't know me, i get really, really excited about trying new food.   i have a very healthy relationship with food and i always want to try new things.  most importantly,  i don't really hate a food (other than pate')..... and neither does kris.  match made in heaven!  

the moment we woke up on the 1st, i pushed kris out of bed and told him we were going to start our new years off with a bang.... a healthy bang that is.

for quite some time i have been a huge fan, rather stalker of the butcher's daughter. a juice bar and cafe in new york.  not only is their website killer, their decór is rustically adorable, and to top it all off, their food and juices are deeeeeli-cious!  i absolutely have to share the goodness that comes out of this cafe.

meet the butchers daughter!


isn't it gorgeous!!!  the yellow bar stools, i mean come on!  they have a communal table in the middle of the cafe, as well as great window seats along the front of their building.  perfect for people watching.  that's what kris and i decided to do.  i started off with one of their heritage juices, the 08 Honey Bee.  It had grapefruit, turmeric root, kumquat, anjou pear, honey and bee pollen.  it was the perfect brunch refresher.  Kris had the 04 Green which was a simple juice, made of cucumber, kale and green apple.  


our meals were even more delightful.  we shared the smashed avocado toast benedict and the egg sandwich platter.  both incredible! 

they also consider themselves the "vegetable slaughter house" and let me tell you, they kill it in the fruits and veggie department.  heather tierney, a woman of my own heart, is the founder and creative director of the butcher's daughter.   she also runs a design agency wanderlust and co-runs an exotic hidden little gem of a bar, apotheke,  with her brother (which i have yet to visit).  talk about a power woman!  

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.44.09 PM.png

if you ever find yourself in or around the area, you must, i repeat must check out the butcher's daughter.  it's on the corner of  kenmare and elizabeth st.  they are open til 11pm on the weekends and also carry craft beers, for those amazing boyfriends who rather not juice it up with their ladies.  i can't wait to get back there again.

here are a few pics from our rainy day brunch.


all photos via // wanderlust + pinterest