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have you heard of the "charlie's angels" of all things vintage!  well you're looking at them.  Meet alyssa, jillian and tori! 

You may recognize Jillian from ABC's The Bachelorette and ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition!  I met Jillian (as we call her Jilly) while working on Extreme Makeover.  She joined our team for the last 2 seasons and talk about a bundle of joy!  She was a delight, always a smile on her face and such a huge advocate of dreaming big.  Her advice to me in a text once was "If you aren't feeling a little afraid, you aren't dreaming big enough."  And o boy, how true is that.  

It's inspiring to see what the girls have created.  A blend of beauty, simplicity and a passion for sharing their love of art with the world is what makes "Charlie Ford Vintage".

Recently launched, they are making a huge hit on the vintage scene.  Remember all those hours shopping on craigslist? those weeks when you are out of town and can't make it to the flea markets? all those late nights when you're up sourcing one of a kind finds for clients? well you have met your match! Charlie Ford Vintage brings it all to you, delivering amazing finds right to your front door.

What I love even more is how these gals are so real!  They remind me of my siblings and I.  We are always talking about starting businesses together and its so great to see other families doing the same thing.  

It's no easy feat starting a company and balancing everything else in our daily lives, so I caught up with the girls to see what truly inspires them, both individually and as a company.

See what they had to say... :)


What inspires Charlie Ford daily?

Jillian: It’s always the old adage, 'do what you love.’ I have been lucky to live an exciting life of travel with a design-focused career, but much of each of our lives has been about working for someone else. Tori once shared a wise quote, which is ‘get busy building your own dream, otherwise someone will pay you to build theirs.’  It’s so true!  So, when we all are finished with our full-time jobs, husbands, babies and other commitments, we scour the country for any special antiques or vintage pieces with a story.  Anything that has history and soul, any gems that have seen tears, laughter, warmth and love, and we share them with the world. Antique furniture, vintage home décor, pre-loved jewelry and accessories, all sourced from across Canada and the United States – we bring everything together at Charlie Ford Vintage.


What unique quality do each of you fab ladies bring to the table?


Jillian: I would say I'm the hyper, creative, social media and marketing guru (what a surprise!). I also oversee the product that goes on the site and curate it myself. I just spent four hours at an INCREDIBLE antique store yesterday, picking out pieces for CharlieFord.com - my favorite part of the job! Tori is our scary big head honcho (kidding!), but in all seriousness she is the voice of reason, the planner and the organizer. She sees the full picture and is a great problem solver. Alyssa, among many things, handles vendor acquisitions is always the calming presence on the other end of the line. She is the one who adds the sweetness into our group and reminds us of the good when we are struggling with the day.

Tori:  I’d say that Jilly is definitely the fun one – she has a crazy good eye for anything that looks good. Alyssa brings incredible marketing and analysis skills to the table and is the most thoughtful person I know. I’m the pusher!


What one item can you each not live without?

Jillian: Non-vintage, my cousin and business partner Tori. Vintage? My Japanese glass float from the early 1900s. We found some through one of our vendors and we will be selling them on CharlieFord.com any day now. So excited! 

Tori: I guess I kind of am vintage being the older cousin! The center of my world is clearly my son Charlie Ford, but my all-time favorite vintage item that I'll cherish for life is the antique brass lion-head doorknocker that Jillian bought me in Europe. I've been in love with them for years, and it was this piece that inspired our logo.  We have an amazing (and huge) MGM Brass Lion Door Knocker on the site that some lucky person will score – it’s so impressive in-person!

Alyssa: Non-vintage, definitely my family – my husband and two kids. Vintage-wise, the beautiful grandfather clock I inherited from my grandparents. It brings back incredible childhood memories. 


As designers and curators of such amazing finds, it's so important to stay inspired.  Who is your favorite person to follow on instagram and why?

Jillian: Other than Charlie Ford Vintage? The Doctors Closet. The photos are always so bright, airy, crisp and fresh! 

Tori: Vintage Origami churns out some fantastic vintage décor ideas, can’t get enough!

Alyssa:  Sarah Jules. She has such a unique style and finds beauty in everything around her. Her photos always inspire me. 

To follow Charlie Ford on Instagram go here! 


Charlie Ford words to live by?


Jillian: Vintage is all about bringing a little bit of history, some soul, and a lot of love into your home.

Tori: Do it with passion or not at all.

Alyssa: Trust your instincts in everything you do: family, friends, work, and of course, shopping!

Now thats how you do vintage ladies and gents! Stay tuned for some more blog posts between Jillian, Charlie Ford Vintage and Moi. 
All photos courtesy of // charlie ford vintage