0 4 . 0 9 . 1 4 // re-inspired, re-motivated, re-balanced

wow, its been a good month since i last blogged! a whole lot of transitions have been going on in our lives and i'm not going to lie, it's put me in a weird, quiet and uninspired state of mind. i think the beginning of any transition can be intimidating and a bit scary, even if it is over the moon exciting!

well, long story short i had absolutely no idea it had been a whole month since i've last been here! i love blogging. i love sharing beautiful images, original content and other works of art that inspire me.  i feel it keeps me pumped and energetic as a designer. one day soon, i will have the super human powers and the schedule that will allow me to blog at least 5 times a week. i really admire the people that put their heart and soul into keeping up with the blogosphere.  it's motivating!

with this past months transitional period, i also had a lot of quiet time. if you were to disregard the amount of over thinking i do, some good quite time leaves room for really digging deep down inside yourself.  the silence in our loft and the breath of fresh air from spring, was really the shot of energy i needed!

this is what being re-inspired, re-motivated and re-balanced looks like to me! 

jumping out of my seat excited for whats on the horizon! xoveronica

all images via pinterest