0 7 . 0 7 . 1 4 // mid-summer pick me up!

with 2 more solid months left of summer, i find myself needing a little mid-summer pick me up!  

too many tireless hours pass with me locked up inside on my computer... working, working, blah! hence, i am seeking out a relaxing "hiatus" (one that involves the sun).  not a hiatus that comes after a TV job, but a hiatus where i can call the shots. this next month is going be crazy town,  and by the 2nd week of august i am throwing myself at summer, with arms wide open!

i want to spend more time with my dude... not work related (hence the sexy make out session below) and i want to continue to spend more time with family and friends.  i have been doing a better job at it this the past month, and i want to continue.

i also just want to chill out... and do nothing other than hang out with a good book, while having breakfast in bed.

and...... what would be a summer without a soul searching, vagabond-esque, wild, outdoor adventure (insert camping, road trip and horseback riding on the beach... ha!)  check!

the mere sound and smell of both the ocean and a lake (fingers crossed a lake in oregon) are callllling my name!

summer i am coming after you.  get ready.



images via pinterest