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succulents!!! i mean who doesn't want a few in their home?  last month i did a series of succulent and flower videos in collaboration with geri + erin from leaf tv.   

all you need is a few household items (i.e. coffee mugs, bowls, pencil holder), some tiny show stopping succulents, some pretty glass rocks and you're good to go!

they are so easy to maintain and only need to be watered once a month.  as soon as they outgrow their home, i shift them all to a larger container and repeat with some other small succulents.  

A great way to add some greenery to your decor is by creating a simple succulent or cacti arrangement. The best part is that they're super low maintenance - use regular mugs/cups, water once/week & relax! SUBSCRIBE to LEAFtv! We release new videos every Tuesday & Friday!

simple succulents  

1. Collect random household items (shot glasses, mugs, bowls)

2. Fill them 3/4 way up with soil

3. Loosen the bottom of the plant & place in moist soil

4. Fill the soil to the top, shift & center the succulent or cacti

5. Add glass rocks to cover soil


Voila! A great way to add a splash of greenery to any space in your home or office! 

Go check out some more vids by leaf tv!  trust me.... you will get lost in watching all of them at once!

and a special thanks to A.L.C. for all of the adorable clothes + thank you, thank you to Kingfisher Road for all of the oh so lovely jewelry!! xo