0 9 . 0 1 . 1 3 // taking some advice from the best... kinfolk.

with september 1st finally here, i wanted to share some inspiring ideas on really taking advantage of your time away from work and spending it with your loved ones.  i am 100% certain (coming from a work-a-holic!) that making the most of your days off, is key to being happy and feeling balanced.

i dont know what it is about kinfolk, but they have the ability to make me relax, stay inspired and all around happy! i secretly hope to one day work with them or collab on some ideas.  hosting a flower potluck is also a must on my bucket list ;)

for those who haven't heard of kinfolk, they are an amazing company that publish quarterly magazines, as well as host between 12-30 dinners & workshops every year.  they travel the country sharing ideas about small gatherings, casual entertaining and great things to cook, make and do.

recently they launched a series of videos, all revolving around "saturdays" and giving "you" ideas for things to do on the weekend.  After watching them, kris and i were immediately hooked!  we got the itch to go out and be more adventurous, whether it be in the kitchen or an outing to the park!  more importantly, we made a pact to spend more time together.  for people that know us, they might be like "huh! you guys work together! you're always together" and yes, we do work together... but being able to spend time with each other or with family and friends is vital to feeling like you have a happy balanced life. 

here are some of my favorite kinfolk videos :) trust me, their going to make you want to hop in your car and road trip on over to oregon!

go out there and make the most of your precious days off. xo


hope you loved! to get even more inspired you can check out their site here and follow them along on ig here