0 1 . 0 7 . 1 4 // happy birthday best friend!

not to get all mooshy, gooshy on here but today is my dudes birthday.  he turns 29.  I'm not going to go on and on about how amazing he is, but he surely deserved a post dedicated to him and how special he is. 

this photo of us is one of my all time faves!  no its not an engagement pic, but rather a pic of us behind the scenes of a shoot at my old house.... i think only 5 months after meeting!  i swear then i knew he would be a "keeper". 

the photographer told him to jump on in for a quick shot and this is what she captured.  i love it so much i can barely stand it.  it makes my heart melt every time. this picture exudes love.  this picture is us.

everything i do and the person i've grown into today, would not have been possible without him. we live together, we work together, we eat, sleep, laugh, cry, plan, dream, learn, travel, you name it, we do it together.  and thats how i like it.  i thank my lucky stars every day for dropping him into my life.  

i love you kristopher. i hope this birthday is as special and lovely as you.



photo by love ala