0 1 . 2 0 . 1 4 // barn light electric look book + pretty details

the entire "barn light electric x veronica valencia" lighting look book is officially up! you can view all of the pretties here.

when asked about the collaboration, i couldn't be happier. simply put, we pulled off the shoot! between my full time job and side projects, i still can't believe we knocked this out on our only 2 days off!  honestly, i could have never done it without the loved ones around me.

recently, the most commonly asked question i hear is "how do you pull together a style shoot? and where do you pull inspiration from?"  the answer is simple.

what makes a shoot successful is a great team and the help of trusting companies that are supportive of the picture I want to paint.... the story I want to tell.   

the inspiration comes naturally.  there is so much inspiration out there it's crazy! of course, photography platforms like pinterest, instagram and tumblr are always a great source for inspiration; however, my greatest influence is drawn primarily from my travels.

what made this shoot memorable and stand out above the others? were the careful selections and pretty details that went into it.  the little bit of me that was materialized in to a forever through these simple photos.  


1.  Bright, Beautiful Furniture // Sunbeam Vintage

I have been working with this bad ass company a lot the past 5 months on NBC's American Dream Builders and they are just the nicest, most awesome team.  Their furniture was a perfect addition to the shoot and they did not hesitate to loan me pieces for the event.  

If you are one who loves cool, hip,  mid century furniture, then why wouldn't you appreciate coupling them with the boldness and uniqueness of these lights.

their website is updated daily and if you have not been to their store, you must immediately!

2. Bold Wallpaper // Cavern Home

POW!  The Unique Space, one of my neighbors in the arts district, has this awesome accent wall in their kitchen.  Photographing against it was a must!  

Graphic backdrops and bold prints are always a quick, great resource for any photo shoot.  Immediate eye candy.


3. Unique Art Work // Clare Elsaesser

i have been obsessing over clare's prints for quite some time now.  Having them be apart of the shoot was another must.  it was that personal detail I wanted to incorporate.  every single one of her prints feels like "me".  pairing these paintings with the hues of the lights was a nice combo.  clare is also such a sweetheart and sent me the prints with lightning speed.  


4.  A Photographer You Trust  // Love Ala

i can't express how important it is to have a photographer you trust.... especially during stressful times.  both ala and i work so well together. i can't explain the anxiety i had leading up to the shoot. having a photographer you can lean on and bounce ideas off of, goes along way.  


check out the entire look book here.