0 9 . 2 4 . 1 4 // swooning over "the mrs box"!

okay, so i have a confession... i was laying in bed a few nights ago and i stumbled upon this image on instagram:


to say that my heart stopped is an under statement and i may or may not have tagged my boyfriend on the image. oops!  i honestly did not tag him to send a message of "propose to me, hint, hint, wink, wink", i tagged him on it because when that day does come, i need (repeat...) need this box!  i don't even care what color.  

the idea of having such a special heirloom in my life, makes me smile from ear to ear.  i live in a colorful world and maybe its the virgo in me but i strive to make everything around me beautiful.  i think i love the idea of these gorgeous velvet ring boxes more than the actual ring! hahaha! mrs.grey, the founder of grey likes wedding literally launched "the mrs.box" a little over an hour ago and i had to (as in - stop everything i am doing!) share it with all of you.   

i mean talk about the ultimate eye candy.  these ring boxes are made with a limited edition of the finest french velvet and come in a stunning array of "happy" colors.  the mills that the velvet come from are no longer in existence, so these are a hot commodity and only pre-orders are currently available, with arrival in mid october.  so whether its for your soon to be misses, for a friend, for one of your bridesmaid, or simply just for you - head on over and grab yourself a box a.s.a.p.!!! they are only $75 and compared to the cost of a wedding ring, pricey or not, this is a small fee.

i literally couldn't pick my favorite colors, but here are my top picks... "hint, hint, wink, wink" :)

01. The Admiral // 02. The Darlington // 03. The Pomp // 04. The Parlour // 05. The Capri // 06. The Cambridge // 07. The Gardener // 08. The Gidget // 09.

all images via // the mrs. box

0 9 . 2 3 . 1 4 // goodbye summer, hello autumn!

so.... in a nutshell, this is what "summer ends and autumn begins" looks like to me. 


i turned 29 on september 11th and to say the least, i decided that this birthday was going to be one for the record books. one filled with recreation, relaxation, and oh yes.. a road trip.  the destination?  our design partner / bestie's house in the central coast.  

tommy and his partner live in a cute town called los osos, right next to morro bay. for a good whopping 7 days straight,  we woke up early every morning, made coffee, fresh juice, answered emails, had conference calls, closed out design projects, began new projects and were done no later than 4.... just in time to go and explore.  it was pretty life changing for me, ha!

never in a million years did i think a work day could consist of taking an actual lunch break and mingling with nature and friends. with that said, our time spent up there has left me beyond excited for fall. 

i had a secret bucket list of fun things i wanted to do with family and friends this summer, and not surprisingly, very few of them happened.  do not get me wrong - this summer was truly epic. a summer where we worked on the most amazing, life changing (still pinching myself) design project! nonetheless, autumn is going to kick ass! 

if you are planning a trip up to the central coast any time soon, you have to check out these 3 spots. they are a must.  all you need is yourself, loved ones, a camera and a blanket.


Montaña de Oro State Park, CA // A.K.A. "Mountain of Gold"


Sweet Springs Nature Preserve, CA


Baywood, CA



photo cred // tommy rouse + kristopher hughes